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The business loan world has changed, to say the least, and small to mid-sized businesses are finding it more and more difficult to gain access to working capital and business loans. A merchant cash advance provides small business owners with financing options that are flexible and customized to fit business owners’ needs.

Clients use the working capital to renovate, expand, buy out partnerships, increase inventory, advertising, or catch up on unpaid bills, rents, leases, or taxes, etc.

There is no fixed payback time or schedule of repayment and no fixed interest rate.

Instead, an agreed-upon holdback percentage is deducted from the merchant’s daily credit card batches or ACH’d from their bank account until the purchased amount is collected. Therefore the merchant is only paying a part of its VISA, MasterCard, Discover, and/or banking revenue.

We require no collateral.

Funding is available much quicker than traditional bank loans and requires a fraction of the paperwork.

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